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$20 in Bella Bucks (FREE PRODUCTS) for every $100 (Subtotal) in sales from your social, with 2 total customers (including yourself).

Earned Bella Bucks will be added after Social is closed, they are valid for 60 days from issue.


In addition, earn our monthly Host Reward when your BELLAME Social has 3 customers (including your own order) + $250 in total sales (subtotal).  

Your monthly Host Reward is determined by the date your Social begins.

FREE products + June Host Gift, Luxe Lip Liner, a $21 Value


What is a BELLAME Social?

It’s a great way for BELLAME Customers to earn valuable rewards and product credits for holding an in-person or virtual event by sharing a link to their Social on their Brand Partner’s boutique.

Who can view my BELLAME Social?

Anyone and everyone you send the personal link to.  You can send it to friends and contacts individually, or post it on social media.

How do I share it with others?

Once you launch your BELLAME Social, you will be provided with a link that you can customize and share with anyone you would like to join your Social.

What is the time allotted for a BELLAME Social?

It can be active and open for up to two weeks (14 days).  During this 14-day period, you have the option to end the Social at any time.

How can I track to see how my Social is doing?

After creating and setting up your Social, you will have access to manage it and view orders, progress, and Bella Bucks earned online.

Can I join other people’s Socials?

If you are not a current Customer or Brand Partner, you are free to join anyone’s Social from the link provided.  If you are a Customer under another Brand Partner, the system will not allow you to participate and purchase in a Social under someone else.

Who can create a Social?

Any BELLAME Customer can log in online and can create and set up their own Social. 

Can a brand-new person without a login (a guest) create a Social?

They can, and they will be prompted to enter their information and create a login and password as part of the process for setting up the Social.

Can I share someone else’s link?

Once a Customer creates a personalized link for a Social, they can post it or send it to anyone they like - and those friends can post it or send it to anyone else as well.  Only people that wouldn’t be permitted to participate by ordering are any Brand Partners.  Customers in someone else’s organization could technically participate by ordering, but their orders would not count for that particular Social.

How many Socials can I run at one time?

You may only have one active Social at a time. If you would like to begin a new Social, you must end your current Social and launch a new one.

How often may someone host a Social?

A Customer may host a Social as often as they like, but only 1 Social may be in progress at any given time.  While a Social has a default length of 14 days, it can be ended by the host at any time, and as long as the previous Social has been ended, they are free to begin a new one if so inspired.

What are the incentives for running a Social?

The host of a Social can earn product credits and a gift.  As long they have 2 unique Customer orders to start earning credits (including the host), they can earn $20 in Bella Bucks for each $100 (Subtotal) sales generated from their link.  In addition, for generating $250 in retail sales (and Starter Kit sales), with 3 unique orders, they can earn a special gift that will be changed monthly.

Can a host earn more than $20 in Bella Bucks for the sales generated by a Social?

Yes, they will earn $20 for every $100 (Subtotal) sales generated by their link.

When will I receive my Bella Bucks credits?

The credits will be given 3 days (72 hours) after the close of the event and will expire in 60 days.

Can a host earn more than one gift per month?

Yes, a host can earn more than one gift in a month by hosting an additional Social.  But you can only earn one gift per Social.  Eligible gift awarded is based on the month your Social begins.

Can a host make a purchase at the event of another host?

No, a host is not eligible to make a purchase at another Social being hosted by someone else

What happens if I (the Host of the Social) decide to become a Brand Partner during my event?

The event would automatically be ended, and you would receive any gift or Bella Bucks earned up to that point.

What happens if one of my friends that ordered from my Social link decides to become a Brand Partner during my event?

You would get credit for both their initial order as well as the Starter Kit order to count toward qualifying for any gift or Bella Bucks.  As a new Brand Partner, they would not be able to order from your Social link any longer and any additional orders they placed after the Starter Kit would not be counted.

Do Starter Orders count?

Yes – Any Customer that becomes a Brand Partner during the event, their Starter Kit order would count toward qualifying for any gift or Bella Bucks.

Do sales from Socials count towards qualifications?

Yes – all sales from BELLAME Socials count toward the Mentor’s Personal Sales Volumes.

Does Mentor earn sales commissions from these events?

Yes - the Mentor of the Host will earn regular personal sales commissions with their Tuesday Bonus payouts.  Note:  A Host cannot earn sales commissions, only Bella bucks and their free gift.

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