This patented, proprietary molecule blocks the myriad bad effects of inflammation, a leading cause of aging. By short-circuiting the formation of free radicals triggered by sun, pollution and lifestyle issues like stress and poor nutrition, Inflacin® provides a natural shield against skin damage.


Consider this patented, proprietary ingredient delivery system our “White Glove” service in ensuring your skin gets exactly what it needs, exactly where it needs it. By encapsulating all our high-tech, highly efficacious ingredients in Soluxomes®, we’re ensuring they’re absorbed sub-dermally in their most pristine, high-powered state. This delivery method also means that the quantity of ingredients that passes the stratum corneum is higher, and stays in the epidermis and dermis longer. By boosting the interaction between ingredients and the skin, ingredients are absorbed better. Soluxomes®: a big idea for even the tiniest of ingredient molecules.



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