March Self-Care Challenge



Our promise isn't about adding another task to your already overflowing plate. It's about weaving moments of pure self-care into your existing rhythm because you are worth it!

Self-care is available in one-month, three-month, or six-monthly Gift Subscriptions.

Daily Inspiration Starts March 1st

  • Mondays: The Power of Mindfulness-Incorporating Mindful Practices into Your Daily Routine
  • Tuesdays: Hydration & Collagen Boosters: Simple Ways to Improve Skin Health from Within
  • Wednesdays: Stress Relief Techniques:-Strategies to Reduce Stress and Improve Well-Being
  • Thursdays: Beyond Scrubs: Body Exfoliation Methods for Smooth, Radiant Skin
  • Fridays: Fitness Fusion-Integrating Exercise and Movement for Holistic Wellness
  • Saturdays: DIY Spa Creating Luxurious At-Home Skincare Treatments
  • Sundays: Digital Detox-Unplugging and Prioritizing Mental Health in a Hyper-Connected World

21 Days, Three Inspirational Speakers!

Week 1: Lara Simpkins is a wife, a mom of two, a retired RN, and a leader at BELLAME. Her years as a nurse fuel her passion for helping others understand the need to be their own advocate and make self-care a priority. 

Week 2: Jessica Wilson, is a wife, proud mama of two girls, a skilled professional makeup artist, and leader at BELLAME. Despite her busy schedule, she prioritizes self-care, and understands that one must replenish their own cup before pouring into others.

Week 3: Tami Andrews, is wife, mom, nana, and leader at BELLAME. Having spent years in the corporate world, she now finds true joy in sharing things that help seasoned ladies find their confidence and purpose again through the changes that come with the menopausal stages of life. 

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Alisa Blake
February 22, 2024
Verified purchase
Very Busy~ but extremely better
Being a mom of a freshman in college, working full-time on top of running a business on the side, I needed to focus on myself. I've tried several small things, but this multi-product challenge has created an opportunity for me to focus on myself, make new friends, and join a community of accepting, and sharing people. I've updated my daily routine to encompass what I've learned and I feel much better mentally, physically, and am able to tackle my busy life with positivity!
Leah M Stevens
February 17, 2024
Verified purchase
Oh Hero, you’re my hero!!! I’m a just mom and I’m trying to take care of my skin with Bellame and I can obviously see the results.
Roberta Hawkins
February 17, 2024
Verified purchase
Thank you Kylie Hawkins I absolutely love my Bellame products so far..the hydration boost and collagen boost are great!! My skin is starting to feel less dry and smooth. I can't wait to get my foundation and concealer to go along with the primer!
Jacqueline Campo
January 26, 2024
Verified purchase
Optimal transformation
When we know how great the products are-there is something special about having this experience with others to see and chat about our real-life testimonies. I don’t go a day without collagen or doing my daily routine! Love the accountability! It’s a nice feeling to fill your cup daily!
Valery Crocker
January 20, 2024
Verified purchase
Miracle Magic for Mature Skin
For being in the 50+ age bracket, finding skin products that delivers what it says it’ll do for your skin has been a challenge. It wasn’t overnight, however, staying on a daily & nightly regimen takes commitment to really see results. I can’t share enough how Bellame’s products have surpassed all other brands when it comes to healthy glowing skin! My absolute favorite product is the Hydrating Serum!
Courtney Pflugner
January 15, 2024
Verified purchase
What an amazing experience!
This self care challenge was truly nothing less than incredible! I had no idea there were so many things throughout my day that I could be doing to help better myself and especially my mental health. Some were bigger, and some were small easy tweaks that at the end of the day 100% helped me mentally and emotionally! I felt completely poured into in the self care community group, and I looked forward to it every day! I will 100% be joining for the next challenge! I highly recommend this!
Mary Reed
December 31, 2023
Verified purchase
Was hesitant at first but let me tell you the foundation is AMAZING !!! Can’t wait for my next order!!! The eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful!
Matt Edson
December 29, 2023
Verified purchase
Excited for my wife
I bought this for my wife. She is a new mommy to a 6 week old and 4 1/2 yr old. Plus works full time. I want her to realize how important SHE is to us all.
Janie Kashy
December 28, 2023
Verified purchase
Selfcare is not selfish care!
It’s changed me! I see myself and everything around more more clearly. I’m more organized and feel accomplished in so many ways!
Go For It!
Stacia Trapasso
December 22, 2023
Verified purchase
Luxury & Necessary
This self care challenge was a game changer for me. I didn't realize how much I needed it UNTIL I joined! And I am forever grateful I did. An amazing community of people rooting me on, bring positivity and light, holding me accountable for the things I needed to be doing, and just genuine support! Not to mention the luxury products at a crazy discounted price! Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!



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