2017 The Year of Action

2017 The Year of Action

So here I am like so many others out there, smack in the middle of the holidays.  I am gearing up and ready to ring in 2017!  A fresh brand new year, the pages are blank, and the potential is overflowing! Ah but one more description comes to mind, FAMILIAR!  Here we are once again in this same spot, excited about all the possibilities. But if this familiarity is starting to feel like a “check the box” kind of thing at the end of the year, rather than a call to action for the coming year then it is time to shift perspective!

I am personally declaring 2017 a year of “Jumping In”! Time to do more than just get my feet wet; this girl is ready for total submersion! This coming year is about surpassing the idea of simple goals and dreams and jumping right in!

I have given thousands of talks on goals and dreams, and while I am still a big believer in this process, I know they are only pieces of the larger puzzle. Let’s face it; we can set goals and visualize our dreams all day long, but unless you have action in the middle unless you jump right in and get to work, you will not be any closer to your dream 365 days from now.

Jumping right in can be a bit of a scary thought. That means we trade in thoughts like “I am going to lose 10 pounds by Valentines” for actions like I am getting my tushie off the couch and going for a run. Or for those social entrepreneurs out there trading “I am going to grow my team and make serious income this year” to the action of getting out there and prospecting for new members and putting in the hours to develop others.

Regardless of your goals and dreams, it will be the actions in the middle that will make your dreams a reality. Trading thoughts for actions what a simple but “jump in” concept!

So I ask you to consider this, You are the author.  It’s your story.  What will your world look like in 365 days?







Twenty years ago, Melissa Thompson stumbled her way into the world of Social Entrepreneurship. After signing up with a beauty company, she fell head over heels for the business, the people, and the mission. She has had the privilege of working in a variety of roles, from executive corporate positions within the industry’s largest organizations to helping startups launch their businesses from scratch.

Melissa is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship! She loves that it gives people, from every walk of life, the ability to significantly enhance their worlds.

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