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For every $25 in sales made through your exclusive BELLAME Referral Link, you'll receive $5 in Beauty Bucks to indulge in your favorite beauty & wellness products.

Beauty Bucks will be automatically added to your account once your referred order is completed. You'll have 60 enchanting days to enjoy!  


What is a BELLAME Referral Link?

It’s a great way for BELLAME Customers to earn product credits by sharing a Referral Link on their Brand Partner’s boutique.

Who can view my BELLAME Referral Link?

Anyone and everyone you send the personal link to.  You can send it to friends and contacts individually, or post it on social media. Please notice that Partners can't shop using your Referral Link.

How do I share it with others?

Your unique link will be sent via email from BELLAME, but you can also access the link by logging into your BELLAME account, clicking on REFERRAL LINK, and you will be taken to a landing page. Click the blue button that reads REFERRAL LINK to copy and paste to your family and friends.

How can I track to see how my Referral Link is doing?

After receiving your Referral Link, you will have access to manage it and view orders, progress, and Beauty Bucks earned online.

When will I receive my Beauty Bucks credits?

As soon as you reach $25 in sales through your referral link your Beauty Bucks will be deposited into your account after order made on your referral link is completed. 

What happens if I decide to become a Brand Partner?

You will log into your account, choose join, and enroll as a Brand Partner. Any Beauty Bucks earned up to that point will remain on your account.

What happens if one of my friends that joined my Referral Link decides to become a Brand Partner?

You would get credit for their initial order on the Bellame and it will be counted toward qualifying for Beauty Bucks.  As a new Brand Partner, they would not be able to order from your Referral Link any longer.

Do Starter Orders count?

Yes – Any Customer that becomes a Brand Partner using your Referral Link, their Starter Kit order would count toward qualifying for Beauty Buck, if it's their first order.

Do sales from Referral Links count towards qualifications?

Yes – all sales from Referral Links count toward the Mentor’s Personal Sales Volumes.

Does Mentor earn sales commissions from sales through Referral Links?

Yes - the Mentor of the customer will earn regular personal sales commissions with their Tuesday Bonus payouts.  Note:  A customer cannot earn sales commissions, only Bella Bucks.



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Not valid on Starter Orders, Self-Care Collections, or with other sitewide savings promotions.

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