Beyond The Bottle

Beyond The Bottle

Millennials are Shaking Up The Skincare Industry

I remember just a few years back, hearing that there were said to be over 25,000 different skincare lines on the market. Now to some that might seem ridiculously absurd. But, if you are like me, I would challenge that number to be far too low. I mean, after all, my bathroom counters alone have entertained at least that many. Ok maybe a bit extreme, but in all seriousness, skin care is one of the hottest markets around.

No wonder skin care is not only booming, but continues to hold the reign as the beauty industry’s VIP. In fact, global sales in this flourishing category are expected to exceed 131 billion in 2019.

Expanding The Playing Field

So consider this, not that long ago marketing for the skin care industry primarily targeted people wanting to turn back time. But now, with our plethora of information and education that is equally reinforced by social media, the target audience for skincare has reached back by decades. It is not unusual to catch young ladies in their early 20’s stressing over sunspots and uneven skin tone. Their desire for healthy and glowing skin is leading the industry to new levels!

I can’t exactly fault young women, like my 21-year-old daughter who knows the importance of preserving your skin at such a young age. After all, I wish someone could have told my 21-year-old self “BABY oil as a tanning lotion is a HORRIBLE idea.” So I applaud these millennials pioneers with enthusiasm.

Excellent news for the industry, but even more for consumers. With advanced technologies and considerable research, we expect to see skin care companies continue to up their game. Educated consumers will have product options that are luxurious, fun, and most of all deliver results. It is exciting to see the new brands delivering power-packed solutions to fit all ages. Anti-aging never looked so young!







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