Cheers to The Bean

Cheers to The Bean

When The Heat is Turned Up, It’s Your Time to Brew.


“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” - Maya Angelou

What a beautiful thought! Life is never easy nor is it ever perfect. In fact, who we are and what we become is often dictated by our surroundings and our experiences. But the truth is, it is how we ALLOW those experiences and surroundings to affect us.

Think about coffee beans. When ground under extreme pressure and boiled under intense heat, is the bean that loses its power? Quite the contrary, the bean although what might seem to be defeated, instead takes over with its beautiful aroma.  It infuses the water and takes center stage. It is the bean that not only survives the storm but thrives in it!

In life, we will all have the sorrow and the privilege of being the coffee bean. Life at times will put us through the grinder, and we will all be in our share of hot water at some point in time. But how we handle that, what we do with our misfortunes is just as important as what we do with our blessings.

Let your sweet aroma and powerful spirit change the negative environment, instead of letting it turn you the other way around. You have gifts to give the world. Your not so happy moments can be lessons, relief, and inspiration for others when they can witness your strength.

Be the BEAN!







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