Fitness For Everyone

Fitness For Everyone

In our constant search for beauty from the inside out, we asked Fitness Expert, Alex Bunton, to weigh in on what a 30-minute workout can do for you!

The 30-Minute Workout Solution

If I were to ask you how’ve you been, I can almost guarantee the answer would be, “life’s been super busy lately!”

Most of us know nothing but busy nowadays. Which often leads to us putting our own personal health on the back burner causing us to feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed.

But what if feeling healthier and happier was as simple as:
* a quick 30-minute workout you could do in front of your own couch
* a foolproof food plan that fuels your everyday life
* a personal coach to keep you motivated and holds you accountable

Beachbody provides thousands of hours of workouts, multiple meal plans, weekly new recipes and a personal coach to help you manage this in your busy life and achieve that healthier, happier you.

Our go-to program for the busiest people out there? The 21 Day Fix: 30 minute daily workouts with modified versions for beginners, an easy portion control system to follow and a delicious, nutrient packed shake to treat yourself – check out our page for more information.


Bellame Guest Author, Alex Bunton

Bellame Guest Author, Alex Bunton

After growing up in an entrepreneurial environment (her parents are Top Sellers with a Top 100 company), Alex Bunton knew that eventually, she would break out of her eight-year corporate grind and finally do something that she was passionate about.

Alex is now a Beachbody Coach who’s following her love of helping people achieve a healthy, fulfilling life.

Coming from a D1 basketball scholarship at Wichita State University for four years, she could never understand why the things she was doing would never help her achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Alex remembers the day she looked in the mirror and felt the healthy level of disgust that finally made her make a real change. She was done going after every fad diet, pill, wrap, shake and quick fix out there. She realized that what was needed was a complete lifestyle change.

She committed to the 21 Day Fix two years ago and hasn’t looked back.

After having a physical and emotional transformation and finally understanding the key to living a healthy lifestyle, she knew all she wanted to do was help others do the same.

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