Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the first things new Social Entrepreneurs learn is how to launch their business. Usually, this early lesson includes contacting friends and family; this makes total sense because one would think this is the safest place to start! In fact, we lovingly refer to this group as our “warm list”!

There is an old rule in sales that still holds true today. For every ten people you approach, you will have at least one that is interested. Starting with your warm list is ideal because this group increases that ratio plus it gives you more opportunities to practice your pitch. So host your launch party, and share with your whole tribe. Enjoy the practice and learn to embrace the words NO as much as you do YES.

Learn that prospecting for customers and team members is a simple numbers game. Seeing things through these lenses will change your perspective on sharing your business with everyone. Think of it like this, If told you that there is a $100 bill in your home, and I have hidden it in one of ten locations. Would you stop looking for it if you didn’t find it in the first seven spots? Chances are you would keep looking because you know there are only three more spots to check; This is what prospecting is all about, numbers. The more you share, the more you grow.

Once you feel like you have the hang of things, don’t get too comfortable. The warm list zone is just the starting point, not your destination! One of the best perks of Social Selling is the group of fabulous people that will soon become a beautiful part of your life, and you haven’t even met them yet!

Where the magic happens is outside your comfort zone, when you discover that there is a sea of people waiting for you to find them! Every NO is not a personal rejection but a step closer to finding that magic.







Twenty years ago, Melissa Thompson stumbled her way into the world of Social Entrepreneurship. After signing up with a beauty company, she fell head over heels for the business, the people, and the mission. She has had the privilege of working in a variety of roles, from executive corporate positions within the industry’s largest organizations to helping startups launch their businesses from scratch.

Melissa is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship! She loves that it gives people, from every walk of life, the ability to significantly enhance their worlds.

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