Introducing our Biggest Launch To Date

Introducing Skincare Meets Color... BELLAME Luminous Foundation and Perfecting Concealer!    

Melissa Thompson, BELLAME CEO & Founder shares her excitement surrounding her newest obsession and how these breakthrough formulations and shades were created. "These formulas give flawless coverage, yet they are incredibly lightweight, they feel like a second-skin... HELLO glow! "

BELLAME Luminous Foundation and Perfecting Concealer

This Lightweight Luminous Foundation has buildable coverage.  It is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Baobab Oil. Packed with vitamins A, D, E, and F to keep your skin fresh feeling and pampered all day while retaining its flawless finish.  This beautiful formula helps to reinforces the skin's barrier and protect against dryness and pollution. The Hyaluronic Acid and Baobab Oil powerful duo adjust to your meet your skin's needs, so it is fabulous on all skin types.

Our Perfecting Concealer is a caffeine powered formulation that helps to reduce the appearance of dark-circles + puffiness.  It gives your eyes some pep with a brightening boost.   The Baobab Oil and Vitamins A, D, E, and F helps to nourish and improve skin's elasticity and help to rejuvenate damaged skin.

They are Vegan, Free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Gluten.  And of course, Cruelty-Free.

In addition to one beautiful and must-have formula, we have created a starting shade offering with an abundance of possibilities.  There is an infinite amount of beautiful skin tones on this planet. However, the amount of Foundation shades offered by beauty brands range from a handful up to 100.   Interestingly enough, even 100 shades could not meet all the beautiful skin tones that surround us.  

I believe full-heartedly that the most important thing in shade selection is having the most intense spectrum of shades from light to dark. This allows for infinite possibilities for skin tone matches. 

Angelica Dass's world-renowned project titled "Humane" was inspired by her passion to portray the vast amount of tones out there. In 2016, she had photographed over 3,000 different people that she matched to Pantone colors. By 2018 she was over 4,000. Below is just a snapshot of 240 of her shades.  Listen in to  her Ted Talk if to hear her fascinating story.  It is truly mesmerizing to think of the thousands upon thousands of shades out there.

Angelica Dass's world-renowned project titled "Humane"

So let's connect that back to Foundation shades. Why are the 20 shades we offer an incredible starting point for our brand?  We'll on average makeup artists have 10-15 shades to match all their skin tones. Just Google It, there are many articles on this topic, however, I went straight to the sources.  My very own beauty guru/stylist for the past 12 years, Andrea Nervis carries 12 different shades that she personally curates from the lightest to the darkest so she can create the perfect shade for all her clients.  She travels around the globe, most recently working with models on the Paris runways.

So in a world where some beauty brands might lead you to a cookie-cutter offering of shades, our baby brand is all about transparency and educating our customers to find the best in beauty and color to suit their unique and gorgeous tone.  No skin is the exact same color year-round, nor is the shade the same throughout your face.  

While our formula not only offers skin-loving active ingredients and a flawless finish, it has an incredible talent of blending into your skin to mirror and adapt to the color your skin tone.  While many will find their perfect shade within the 20 offered.  There is magic in mixing shades.  I have done it for the last 10 years.  My colors of our Luminous Foundation are shades 7 & 8.  Because they are so beautifully blendable, I could get by with one of the other.  But two shades offer me the most flawless look during any season. And because our fabulous formulas stay fresh for up to 12 months after opening,  there is no waste to the shades you choose.

In an article shared by ALLURE Magazine titled  "Why Makeup Artists Say You Should Always Have Two Foundations in Your Kit" they share “However, if you’re willing to make the extra investment, leaving the store with two shades might not be a bad idea, either. “Skin isn’t one color,” makeup artist Molly R. Stern tells Allure. “Having a slight variation in your options will allow for a more natural finish.” And pro tip — having multiple shades in rotation will be a saving grace as you naturally tan in the summer months or get paler in the winter. 

Finding the best BELLAME Luminous Foundation or Perfecting Concealer shade or shades to mix is simple :

  1. Find the skin tone closest to yours by reviewing our Partner Models on our site. We are so proud to feature our Partners.  These are real people, promoting real products. Our baby brand is proud to be the first brand in social selling created by our tribe and we continue to build and grow locking arms with these amazing entrepreneurs.
  2. Use the undertone hint icon below the Shade number to determine if you are a) Rosy/Pink/Cool b) Golden/Peach/Warm or C) Neutral.
  3. Find the shade closest to yours based on your skin tone and undertone.  If you are mixing choose a shade lighter or darker to compliment and find a shade that is totally you.



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