Magnificent Multimasking

Magnificent Multimasking

Magnificent MASKS!

I am seriously addicted to multimasking! Everyone loves a little amp to their beauty routine and what better boost than feeling pampered? There is nothing like a 15-30 minute sanctuary timeout in my bathroom. Sometimes I even do them back to back… a little detox mask followed by a brightener, why not!

According to Cosmopolitan “Sales of face masks are soaring thanks to beauty brands working hard to make them the step in your skin care regime not to skip.More than a mere weekly pampering product (and excuse for a comedy selfie), masks can target and transform specific complexion concerns”.

This once small time player in skincare is taking over the industry in a big time way. With so many benefits and concerns to choose from, it is no wonder we crave these at home luxury remedies.

Happy multimasking!







Twenty years ago, Melissa Thompson stumbled her way into the world of Social Entrepreneurship. After signing up with a beauty company, she fell head over heels for the business, the people, and the mission. She has had the privilege of working in a variety of roles, from executive corporate positions within the industry’s largest organizations to helping startups launch their businesses from scratch.

Melissa is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship! She loves that it gives people, from every walk of life, the ability to significantly enhance their worlds.

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