Remember Why You Started

BELLAME CEO Melissa Thompson

There’s a simple practice we all do, whether we realize it or not, when the world gets loud and things seem crazy. We remember our why. Whether it is why we are staying home with our kids when they are nuts, why we work the job we have when everything seems chaotic, why we continue to learn new things we feel we may never get the hang of, and sometimes why we are social entrepreneurs when it seems maybe we aren’t cut out for it.  Remembering your why allows you to evaluate what isn't serving that ultimate purpose, and then let it go. When you come back to your “Why” regularly it serves as a checkpoint on your journey. Often this is where you can see the progress you have made and the direction you need to go.

Recently, we revisited our own why.

When we started our BELLAME blog we ultimately had our business in mind but we knew that the only way to be successful in business was to connect with you. We are in the business of people. We are in the business of you.

In a blog post written in 2017, before the launch of a product, we shared our ultimate goal of being a community dedicated to the everyday beauty of a woman. We wanted to be a community that shares tips and celebrates life. We shared “We are not interested in being your average beauty business; we are not looking to market at people. Instead, we want to deliver what they want, and what they need, and do it all with a bit of inspiration.”.

We took our goal and tapped into our community allowing them to navigate our next steps. BELLAME the brand, the product, and the tribe started as a whisper on one heart that turned into a heartbeat felt by many. So, by revisiting our own why we discovered the direction we needed to go and interestingly enough it was back. It is time to get back to the basics and get back to tapping into the community that helped shape this brand from the beginning. We are so excited to get back to basics with you. 

Right now, we can guarantee that your world is loud and crazy. There is so much uncertainty around us and it can be difficult to remember that where we are is temporary, but it is. Now is the time to refocus and revisit your why.

We can get through this, together.



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