Savvy Skincare Shopper

Savvy Skincare Shopper

Quick, think of the most luxurious skincare you have ever experienced? Maybe you loved the solutions that it promised, and chances are you might have been attracted to it by the shape and look of the bottle. After all, it is human nature first to be attracted to something before we really understand the substance of what is inside. But being a savvy skincare shopper can save you money as well as your sanity!

The skincare world is no different, when it comes to human behavior. With so many skincare lines on the market sometimes packaging is the first thing to call out the brand’s uniqueness as it sits on the shelves alongside its competitors.

Interestingly enough with the surge in digital online sales taking over brick and mortar establishments every day, an Instagram photo of that sleek, sexy bottle might suffice to get a 1st time purchase. But just like all packaging isn’t equal neither are the formulas inside. Packaging can cost more than the cream inside, crazy right?

Buyer Beware!

It is important to look past the label and know not only the ingredients inside but the quality and amounts of those ingredients as well. There are grades of everything, and sometimes a product boasting Retinol or Hyaluronic Acid is not enough. Those key ingredients, for example, could be just flashy words to lure you in but the quality or quantity might just render them equal to a placebo.

Let’s face it (no pun intended); even a chemist might have a difficult time understanding the efficacy of a skin care product just by reading a label. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, read reviews, and do your research.

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