Strong, Smart, & Bold

Strong, Smart, & Bold

A Luncheon, Food for Thought and Purpose

We joined 500 of Alameda’s finest for the 29th annual Strong, Smart, and Bold Luncheon on March 31st. The lively event recognizes and raises support for programs in Oakland as well as schools across Alameda County. Programs designed to support needs of girls as they grow, from academics to leadership building and everything in between.

Bellame table at Strong, Smart, and Bold Luncheon

BELLAME is honored to have partnered with Girls Inc. earlier this year. We have witnessed the impact that this incredible organization has on the community. And we knew we could not miss the opportunity to support such a powerful gathering.

These three young scholars have gone above and beyond to tear down barriers and step into a brighter future. They took the stage alongside three honorees in the Bay Area. Their three counterparts are leaders who have been a brilliant example of empowerment of girls.

I had a very special opportunity to meet these young ladies during their speech rehearsals just days before the event. After hearing their personal stories of sheer perseverance, I knew that I had just met leaders of the future!

Girls Inc. noted “Each incredible story illuminates the very real impact sexism, xenophobia and racism have on the lives of the girls in our community — and the powerful resilience that drives them forward. Through their diverse experiences, we see that when we support and invest in girls, we empower them to be the advocates, leaders and thinkers who are so vital to our collective future.”

The Power of People That Care

The individuals who collectively make up the strength of Girls Inc. of Alameda County are an inspiration to us. Their passion and commitment to the young women of our future are second to none!

I can’t help but think of something Sheryl Sandberg said, author of Best Seller book, Lean In. “The more women help one another, the more we help ourselves. Acting like a coalition truly does produce results.”

I couldn’t agree more with Sheryl’s words. Organizations like Girls Inc. give us all the opportunity to share in that commitment to our future.







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