Talking to Strangers

Talking to Strangers

The Art of Communicating as a Social Entrepreneur

So you fell in love with a product, and now you are a real social entrepreneur, that is the easy part. And you are excited about the opportunity to be in business for yourself. You are even jazzed to share your adventure with friends and family. But now the time has come to introduce total strangers to your new world. For some, the thoughts of Relationship Marketing can be scary. A vision of people bombarding others with information or sales pitches can be enough to make some freeze in fear.

So of course, any newbie can feel timid or almost embarrassed to introduce people to their new biz. That is why it is so important to remind yourself to keep it all in perspective; it is only a simple conversation.

It is comforting to know that one of three things will happen:

1. People will love your product, the opportunity, or both. Yeah, this is the fun one we know!

2. Some might have a bit of reluctance, but this is NOT because of YOU! This one is simply the need to be provided with a little more information or the time to digest what they have heard.

3. They don’t have the need for it at the moment. Again, this has NOTHING to do with you. Think of the last time your hostess handed you the dessert menu after a fabulous dinner, and you declined. Was that about them? Or the fact that you just didn’t want dessert? You see my point.

The most important part of all three possibilities is that everyone you speak to is left with a positive and happy feeling about YOU and your business, even if it isn’t for them right now.

One of the things I love most about Social Entrepreneurship is that you are in the business of offering something people might be looking for or at the very least, leaving them with a smile and positive thought. So relax, be yourself, and enjoy the conversation.

A simple hello can be the start of something beautiful!







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