Thriving Through Uncertainty

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Where are your thoughts during times of uncertainty? Some people focus on fear of the unknown and the “what ifs?” while others move towards hope for the future. It can be as simple as looking at uncertainty like this: something is going to come from this and something new is also something promising.

Our world as we knew it a month ago is so much different than our world today and it’s easy to wonder how much different our world will be a few months from now. Through it all one thing has remained the same and that is our desire to connect with others. A true connection brings value into our lives and relationships give us a sense of belonging and purpose. Through connection we create a support system and it helps us to not feel alone. This is why, in spite of the uncertainty in our world right now, people still seek out a tribe to become a part of. Social distancing and isolation seem to slip away because through social media and other means of communication you can be a part of something that makes you feel present and loved. Social distancing does not take away social support.

Social support builds people up in times of stress, and often gives them the strength to carry on and thrive. This kind of support helps to also encourage healthy choices and behaviors as you are connected with individuals that want to see you at your best and because of that unknowingly coach you to get there. It also improves motivation; being connected to like minded individuals can bring out the best in you even if it is through a zoom video or FaceTime.  Through all of the unpredictability, our BELLAME tribe has continued to come together to support each other and as a result has not only grown, but thrived these last few months. Even though online sales is not a new option for customers to get their favorite beauty items, it is one of the only options currently. Because of this, we have been able to continue to pamper our valued customers as well.

This is what our business is about, and this is what our tribe was made for. Thriving through uncertainty because love remains the goal. We hope that you have your sights on something new and something promising. Find your tribe and love them hard is good but find your tribe and let them love YOU is better.


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