1. Get it for FREE, when you place one or more products on the Auto Replenishment of your choice. Start saving on your 1st order, it is the most convenient and rewarding way to ensure you never run out of your favorite BELLAME product! Modify or cancel your order 24/7 online.
  2. Purchase a $25 annual Membership.  You can add this to your cart below.  Savings will be reflected at checkout.
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Birthday savings = a $20 annual savings pass on a $100 order.

Qualifications for one-time Savings Passes are Jan 1st - Dec 31st of what each year. Savings Passes and Loyalty Credits are valid for 60 days from the date of issue and can be used on any size order. Excludes events, gift cards, & Starter Kits.

The Savings Pass amount redeemed does not count as an additional purchase for the new year.  For example, if you redeem a 50% pass on a $500 order, the $250 paid will be the amount that counts towards the new year pass.   (2022 Passes will not get both 10% plus 25% or 50% savings.  2021 Passes did earn both due to it being the program launch).

* Annual Spend is based on one-time and auto-replenishment purchases.  Partners are not eligible for 10% savings or one-time annual Savings Passes.

** Loyalty Credits are earned on Replenishment orders that are fulfilled after the initial order is placed.


See Beauty Passport Terms and Conditions for more details.

BELLAME Partners save 25% throughout the year on your personal purchases.  As a Partner, earn up to 40% just for sharing products you love.  Plus there are additional unlimited opportunities when you share the BELLAME Opportunity



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