5 Foods That Will Work Miracles for Your Skin

5 Foods That Will Work Miracles for Your Skin

Is your skin feeling dull and lifeless? Are you thinking you need that little extra boost to get the glow back again?

Before you think about booking a facial appointment, you might want to consider what you’ve been eating recently.

We all have our favorite lotions and potions to smooth out the blemishes on our skin, but to really help we need to think about beauty from within.

If you eat a well-balanced diet, your exterior will thank you for it in the long run.  But which foods take the top spot?

Let’s take a look at the 5 Foods That Will Work Miracles for Your Skin and get you looking radiant in no time.


#1 Salmon

Salmon could be one of the most nutrient dense foods out there. This oily fish contains one of the richest quantities of omega 3, which is good for you in so many ways – including keeping your skin healthy.

Omega 3 is a healthy fatty acid which encourages the body to generate anti-inflammatory helpers.  

These helpers are particularly nourishing for your skin and they can also help fight skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Omega 3 also contains astaxanthin which is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the effects of free radicals which cause age damage to the skin, keeping your skin looking fresh.

#2 Berries

Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are just fantastic for getting your skin glowing,  and they taste pretty good too!

The vibrant colors in a mix of berries just oozes nutrition for the skin. Remember the deeper the color, the more potent antioxidant power.

These super berries contain the flavonoid quercetin which also has powerful antioxidant benefits keeping the free radicals at bay and slowing down the aging process. It can also reduce or prevent symptoms of skin conditions like eczema.

Vitamin C boosts collagen in the body which keeps hold of elasticity in the skin and also keeps it hydrated too so it continues to look young, supple and healthy.

#3 Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds may look like something you’d feed to your pet parrot, but they actually contain some pretty healthy nutrients for the skin.

These seeds contain healthy fatty acids just like nuts do, which help to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh.

Vitamin E is also on the list of benefits, another effective antioxidant which will battle the free radicals and fight oxidative stress on the skin, defending the skin from sun damage and keeping the aging effect at bay.

Vitamin E is especially great for maintaining strong skin.

#4 Tomato

The tomato fruit vs vegetable debate will always be one for discussion, but just for the record, it’s technically a fruit.

However, the topic of healthy skin miracles is something no one wants to dispute.

The tomato is a primary source of the antioxidant lycopene which is what makes the pigment in the skin such a vivid bright red color. The rule of thumb is the redder the fruit the more lycopene it contains.

Lycopene increases the skin’s protection from exposure to sun damage. One study carried out observed that after 12 weeks of intervention with lycopene a decrease in sensitivity to ultraviolet was apparent. (source)

Now I am not for one minute suggesting that you should hit the beach with a bottle of tomato sauce and ditch the sunscreen, but studies do suggest it can help prevent sun damage and in turn the effects of aging.

Tomatoes can also help your pores, therefore, preventing spots and keeping your complexion clear.

#5 Sweet Potato (Yams)

Sweet potato has to be one of my all time favorite veggies. It’s incredibly nutrient dense, boosting goodness for the whole body as well as your skin.

This healthy low GI root vegetable is jam packed full of vitamin A which is responsible for reproducing skin cells. This means you will be more likely to replace the dull, tired old skin with a fresh new surface.

Final Thoughts

These top five skin miracle munches are all very nutrient dense foods, which have potential benefits in so many other areas of the body. At the end of the day, if you keep yourself hydrated and eat a well-balanced diet incorporating some exercise you will feel better both inside and out. If that happens, your skin will reflect that glowing shine too.

Bellame Guest Author, Helen Sanders

Helen Sanders

Helen Sanders is the Editor of Health Ambition​, who’s mission is to give you simplified and actionable health and nutrition advice.

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