What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? 

If this question rings a bell,  your following thought might have been something like “wow that is such a thought provoking and insightful question”.  Yet, many times that is exactly as far as that inspirational question gets us!   We allow ourselves for that one split second to think of that amazing goal or dream and then, poof like magic, it all disappears. Why? Because so many of us squash our dreams & ambitions with our own self doubt, long before we have ever allowed ourselves the opportunity to give it a try! Belief is a beautiful & brilliant word.  It has the strength to harness all your power and make things happen, but its absence has the force to crush our dreams as well!

Even the best athletes & artists depend on that inner belief, regardless of their talents.  So what makes us different?  Every one of us has a unique gift.  The world wants to embrace that, if we could just grant ourselves the belief to make it happen.

So getting back to the BIG question. “What would you do if you knew you could not fail”?  Now, pair it with another question by asking yourself  “What makes your heart smile”?  These two powerful questions can turn your world around. They get to the root of  overcoming your fear and finding your passion!  Next ,mix in a heap of belief and you, my dear, are on the perfect runway for success!

That is why I fell in love with Social Entrepreneurship.  Success in our business is based on one simple rule , we don’t succeed without helping others succeed… and that all starts with mentoring others to believe in themselves!  As a mentor to others, not only do you change one life at a time, but you are also the catalyst for improving all the lives they touch along the way.  What a beautiful chain reaction.

Cheers to all of you involved in our industry, changing lives each day!  We are all part of an awesome community, devoted to making a difference







Twenty years ago, Melissa Thompson stumbled her way into the world of Social Entrepreneurship. After signing up with a beauty company, she fell head over heels for the business, the people, and the mission. She has had the privilege of working in a variety of roles, from executive corporate positions within the industry’s largest organizations to helping startups launch their businesses from scratch.

Melissa is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship!  She loves that it gives people, from every walk of life, the ability to significantly enhance their worlds.

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