BELLAME Facebook surpasses 100K Followers

BELLAME Facebook surpasses 100K Followers

We are excited to share the news!  Our BELLAME Facebook community is amazing!

DUBLIN, Calif., Jan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Inspiration. Motivation. Incredible beauty, wellness and lifestyle tips.

By providing all that and more, BELLAME has built a substantial social media following on Facebook, Instagram and the blog in 2017…before even launching a single product.

Written in the addictively upbeat, totally relatable voice of BELLAME CEO & founder Melissa Thompson, these posts are resonating with followers who frequently comment and share the brand’s content.

In posting about her multi-faceted life, Melissa – mother, entrepreneur and seasoned beauty industry executive – taps into her readers’ desire to make the most of themselves and reach their full potential.

And that starts, first and foremost, with a positive self-image. Woven in and around teaser posts about ingredients that will be featured in BELLAME’s upcoming skincare collection, Melissa urges them to believe in their own intrinsic value and “dream with your eyes wide open.”

A key reason followers keep coming back for more content: variety.

In one post, the focus will be on the importance of adding a serum to your skincare collection. In the next, Melissa will share that she couldn’t get the Dionne Warwick song “What The World Needs Now” out of her head, and the wonderful impact that “love, sweet love” idea had on her interactions with everyone she encountered that day. Balancing behind-the-scenes shots of Melissa on set, glammed-up for a photo shoot, is a before-and-after post featuring a story, up close and personal on Melissa’s own self-transformation from the inside out.

This is content aimed at real women, with real issues, real hopes, and real aspirations. And it’s building the BELLAME social tribe, one beauty embracer at a time.



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