Clever Cleansing

Clever Cleansing

What is Your Cleansing Style?

Are you one to cleanse religiously before laying your head on the pillow at night? Or do you feel quite accomplished when you have time to tackle what seems like an extra chore?  Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall under, ensuring you are cleansing the right way is essential.   Rest assured sleeping beauty; clever cleansing just might be your newest beauty hack.

When you cleanse, you might not be aware that you could be depriving your skin at night before it gets it’s zzz’s. Many of us were conditioned to believe, that the tight feeling after cleansing, meant we were squeaky clean, well not quite!  You instead might be stripping your face of precious oils that your skin so desperately needs.  This can leave dry skin even drier, resulting in loss of radiance and tired, aged skin. Oilier complexions can be triggered by becoming oiler with unwanted breakouts. That is right; oil dissolves oil, and with the right ingredients it can help to keep your skin clean without the harsh chemicals that can be found in many foaming or gel cleansers.

Replenish Not Rob

The right cleansing cream or balm not only delivers what your skin needs without stripping away it’s precious resources, but it can act as a makeup remover eliminating an extra step in your nightly ritual. Bonus, they can feel like a mini facial at the end of a tiring day.

StyleCaster shares “Unlike many other cleansers that can be synonymous with taut, dry skin or ones that require harsh makeup removers used in conjunction, cleansing balms are kind of all-in-one superheroes. Most are rich in a number of oils and are ideal for dehydrated skin. They also are gentle and maintain skin’s natural oil content well (the oils cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils), thus ensuring skin is left plump and nourished.”

Of course, not all skin or cleansers for that matter are created equal. Be sure to review ingredients to match the best for your needs. Clever cleansing might just save you time and give you a luxurious treat at the end of the day. You deserve it!





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