European Cleansing Creams

European Cleansing Creams

Are You Robbing Your Skin of This Critical Step?

Dry, irritated skin is not a friend to our complexion, and its presence can add years of age to our face. We know how important hydrated skin is in fighting the signs of aging. So many skincare regimens just might be counterproductive to their goal. Before pampering our thirsty skin with an amazing serum and moisturizer, it seems ideal to start with a clean and hydrated palette. Unfortunately many cleansers do the opposite, and instead rob your skin of protection and precious oils, sometimes in the most aggressive manner.

So how do you know if your cleanser might be in the “thief” territory? I used to think that the tight feeling my skin experienced after cleansing was perfect. I believed that it felt that way with good reason. My skin was super clean. But instead after years in the beauty business, I realized that tight feeling was a warning signal… Danger, you’ve just been robbed. The tight feeling was my skin without moisture!

Enter the World of European Luxury

It was then I discovered what European beauties have known for so long. Cleansing should be hydrating! And at that, why shouldn’t it be a luxury experience instead of an aggressive one? European Cleansing creams and oils are the ultimate in luxury. They can turn a mundane skincare ritual into a spa-like experience.

If you have never tried cream cleansers, here is what a date with the best cleansers looks like:

  • Dispense the light cream into your palm.
  • Massage it delicately into your face and neck, and It emulsifies into a sheen light oil that glides effortlessly.
  • Use upward and outward motions as you continue to massage, even around the eye are to remove makeup. Be careful not to get directly into the eye.
  • Now comes the best part. Take a warm washcloth (bamboo cloths are perfect) and press it into your skin to melt and wipe away the residual cleanser. Be gentle with this and enjoy your pampering moment. I love to do this part a few times; it feels incredible. And as and bonus the warm cloth helps to comfort tired eyes at the end of a busy day.
  • For good measure, you can rinse your face with warm water, but the best cleansers should melt away with the washcloth.

Sounds Great, But My Skin is Oily!

You might be thinking fat chance; I have oily skin, the last thing I want to do is add oil onto it! So this little dreamy pampering step might seem like an invitation for disaster. Not quite, you see it is a known chemistry fact that “like dissolves like.”

“The oil cleanser dissolves the ‘bad oil’ on your skin and unclogs dirt in your pores,” says Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, a Miami-based dermatologist and clinical researcher. “It may be counterintuitive, but they’re actually ancient—people have been cleansing their skin with oils for ages.” Rinsing with water whisks away all excess oil and leaves you with a soft face rather than the taut, rubbery feel you’ll get after using astringent washes and soaps.

Of course, not all products are created equal. So be sure to check labels. Look for premium and high-grade ingredients. Imposters can yield negative results. Look for cleansers with antioxidants and nourishing elements. Hydrating ingredients, not clogging are best. Once you find the right one, lock the bathroom door and enjoy your mini spa!






Disclaimer: The material on this blog is for informational purposes only. This is general information and is not a substitute for your own doctor’s or esthetician’s care or advice.

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