Glow Up with Oils: Head to Toe Benefits

BELLAME Facial & Body Oil

Body Oil and Facial Oil: What’s the Difference?

If the idea of using oil on your body or face brings to mind oily, greasy, clogged skin, think again. Beauty oils are known for fighting acne-prone skin and signs of aging while providing the ultimate glow.  Beauty oils are one of the biggest trends in beauty, the concept is far from new.  The use of oils in beauty routines dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, but we have come a long way since then.

So what exactly is the difference between Facial & Body Oil?  It is all in the formula!   Next time you reach for your shampoo and body wash, take a closer look, while you will find similar ingredients, they have some variations, and definite differences in how they are created.  The same holds true for facial and body oils.  Our base formulation contains hero oils such as Vitamin E, Baobab Oil, and Grapeseed Oil because these oils are packed with nutrients and fatty acids to nourish and protect the skin.  

When we developed our  BELLAME Facial & Body Oil, we took the hero base formula and customized it with optimal oils to address the specific needs of your face and body.

The skin on your face is much thinner than that of the body;  it is more sensitive and absorbs products differently.  The facial skin is also more prone to aging than that of your body because it is constantly being exposed to all the elements of the environment, unlike your body that is often shielded. So our BELLAME Facial Oil has been architected with a proprietary blend of oils that include Rose Hip, Olive, Lavender, and Coconut to name a few.  This blend purposely absorbs quicker than that of our Body Oil and targets signs of aging and hyperpigmentation.  Apply day or night after cleansing or mix with our Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Moisturizer for the perfect polished glow.  As an added boost, our Facial Oil can be used as a nourishing scalp massage.

The BELLAME Body Oil is specifically formulated for the needs of your body.  Adding the benefits of Citrus peel and Geraniol oils to specifically treat the thicker skin of your body.   These oils are best kept in our body formulation as the thinner skin of the face might be too sensitive for the properties of the citrus peel oil.  This proprietary blend has natural emollient ingredients that help soften the rough areas of the thicker skin found on your body.  This incredibly lightweight blend renews, nourishes, protects, and seals in moisture and hydration all day long.  Add a few drops of Body Oil to your bath water or apply to clean, damp skin after bathing.  You can also combine with our Baobab Body Moisturizer or mix together for a luxe pampering experience.

Whether you choose one or both of these brilliant oils, you will soon discover the luxurious and nourishing talents of beauty oils!



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