Living on Purpose

Living on Purpose

There is No Time Like Today!

Every morning we wake up with a blank canvas to create something beautiful. And the beginning of a new week is no different. You can make the decision to make a difference in your own life and others by living on purpose every day. Not just moving through your day hour by hour but making it count.

I believe everyone has a whisper in their heart. Something that you are naturally passionate about, something that makes your heart smile. And whatever your beliefs, it is indisputable that you were born with that purpose inside you. Maybe it is something you have felt your whole life, or perhaps it is a stirring feeling inside you right now, that you haven’t exactly identified. But it is there!

We were all born to accomplish great things. So what stops us from stepping into all we were meant to be? So many times that thief of our destiny can be found in the mirror. The same energy that brings an exciting idea can also crush that thought before it ever has time to surface.

Don’t Just Be a Spectator in Your Own Life

Too much media and drama in our world can distort the realities of the power that living on purpose can bring. You probably don’t need to think too far back in time to recall the last moment you were inspired to do something; it could be something as simple as sharing a great idea at work or speaking up for someone or something that matters to you. But within seconds you stopped yourself. Why? We can sabotage ourselves like no external force can, creating doubt and fear.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing external to you has any power over you.” How true that statement is, our inner selves can silence us in a heartbeat.

I believe that is why it is so important to connect with your purpose and your passion. The more we are in tune with that, our once whisper will be transformed into a roar. And then we can truly step into the life we deserve, Living on purpose and making a difference!



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