A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love

How do you love someone you have never even met? If you are a mom yourself, you instinctively know this answer. Mom knows the beauty of her child, before ever seeing them. She believes in their strength and ability even though they have yet to stand on their own. She is proud of the person they will become far before they have even spoken their first word.

Mom’s love is unconditional and determined. She is your bodyguard, your doctor, your lobbyist, your therapist, your friend, and at times, your reality check.

But a mother’s love does not dilute when we take our first step or say our first word. In fact, that remarkable love continues to grow. As we get older, her love deepens. She loves us through it all, and even more when we least deserve it.

A mother’s love should be the 8th wonder of the world. It was only after becoming a mother myself I learned the complexity and diversity of the power of this love. As robust and one of a kind as it is, just when you think nothing could be stronger, and your heart could not possibly love anymore, you have another child. And suddenly that mysterious, undefinable love duplicates! It truly is a fascinating super power!

Today, I send my sweet mother this message because her love has shown me how beautiful caring can be. And although I am in my late 40’s, she is still my mommy and me her little girl.

Wishing all of our mommies out there a beautiful day filled with love and memories. Happy Mother’s Day Mamas!







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