Priming Before You Paint Is Not Just for Walls

BELLAME Illuminating Primer

When we think of priming before painting, we generally think of contractors painting the walls, or even ourselves if we are DIY enthusiasts. Artists that use canvases also prime their canvas before they paint. It’s a common practice that helps to blur small imperfections and grounds the paint. We even see this trend with nail polish applications. Seems simple and logical, right? You want a clean base to apply color, you add a primer first. So why is this a simple step that many people skip when putting on their makeup?

Makeup primers did not become popular outside of professional use until the early 2000’s. Professional use was for fashion shows, modeling, acting, and brides who wanted their makeup to stay longer for their makeup to stay intact for their big day. Then brands like Urban Decay and Smashbox started releasing primers for everyday makeup wear, and it became a hit. If you have been wearing makeup much longer, it may be hard or even unnecessary to skip this step, but we can’t stress enough the difference it can make.

Makeup primers are used to create a smooth base, but they also make applying makeup easier and can even reduce the overall amount of product used, in the end saving you money and upping your makeup game. Today, there are many kinds of makeup primers to meet your skin's specific needs and to even enhance the makeup look you're going for and I kept these in mind when creating our BELLAME Mattifying and Illuminating primers. Not only did I want to give you the perfect canvas for your BELLAME makeup application, but I wanted to provide ingredients that give your skin love while you’re wearing it.

Our Mattifying primer is perfect for oily skin or to simply blur imperfections while going for an overall matte look. The soft silky texture helps makeup apply smoothly and the formula takes down the overall redness allowing you to wear alone or under makeup. Infused with Baobab Oil and Avocado Oil, this formula will also leave your skin moisturized and hydrated. Our Illuminating primer provides the same results however you can expect a subtle glow to the skin, a very “glow from within” look. Again, you can wear this alone, under makeup, or even mix with your favorite BELLAME Illuminating Foundation for an overall healthy glow. 

I am so excited to add these two makeup staples to our growing BELLAME color line. The truth is, both of these primers will take your makeup game up a notch as they each hold a special and specific place in creating multiple looks. I cannot wait to get your feedback on these!


BELLAME CEO Melissa Thompson



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