Ready, Set, GO!

Ready, Set, GO!

Your Beauty Commute Routine

Whatever your daily commute looks like, Getting to work each day can be a bear. As women, we pride ourselves on our ability to multi-task, even during our way to work. So it is no wonder that even on our commute we manage to get things done! And finishing off our daily beauty routine seems to synchronize nicely to that time slot.

Maybe you have had mornings like mine, waking up kids for the second time, cooking breakfast for everyone, prepping lunches, and getting them off to school all while doing a couple of loads of laundry and somewhere in there trying to get myself ready. It can get crazy, so yes I have been known to finish eyeliner and makeup once I arrive at my stop and on occasion even leave rollers in my hair during a commute.

I am a lover of all things beauty. I totally get what it means to make sure your makeup is on point, actually finish styling your hair, or at the very least make sure your shoes match (trust me I have left the house with two different color heels only to notice 30 minutes later, but that is a different story)!

But as empowering as looking beautiful can seem as you strut yourself into your destination each morning, nothing can make you shine from the inside like a dose of beauty for your soul during your commute. If you have never tried it, give yourself a gift tomorrow morning. Swap out your music for a motivational or inspirational message, remind yourself how strong and beautiful you are. Whether your commute is 5 minutes or 2 hours, indulge in a little makeover for your mood, because nothing shines brighter than a beautiful soul.






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