The Truth About Your Mascara



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We love lashes, they’re basically the one thing we are always trying to make bigger and more vibrant. Running to the grocery store? Add a quick coat of mascara so you look awake. Headed out on the town? Mascara is the finishing touch to your makeup look even if you’re going to put on a pair of falsies. Mascara is something we grab so often but rarely give it the credit it deserves as one of our most trusted makeup products. 

So how do you pick one you know will give you the results you want? How do you get the lush lashes of your dreams? First, look at the wand. A fat and fluffy wand will give you the fat and fluffy lashes you’ve been looking for. Getting larger than life volume and lift is what most people want. Next, look at the formula. Is it good for your lashes? Will it nourish as you wear it? Is it fiber free but still able to pack the lengthening punch you’ve always wanted? 

Sometimes it can be hard to marry those two, the perfect wand with the perfect formula. We want a wand that gives our lashes the razzmatazz, a formula that nourishes while giving volume and lengthening without 10 coats, AND we want one that doesn’t smudge but is also easily removed at night (waterproof mascara we are looking at you and not in a good way!) Well, we did that, and we are pretty proud of it.  The perfect wand and the perfect nourishing formula that stays put but also comes off easily but not before making your lashes pop all day long.

Featuring one of our favorite ingredients, Baobab Oil which is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F to nourish your lashes along with Shea Butter and a formula that is 80% natural ingredients derived from raw materials so you’re getting everything you could hope for: lifting, lengthening, and volume without the harsh chemicals. All in a beautiful package with a magnificent wand.






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