BELLAME eGift Card Frequently Asked Questions

BELLAME® is a registered trademark and solely owned by Bellame Beauty Inc.


Does the BELLAME eGift Card have an activation fee?
No, there are no activation fees.

Does the BELLAME eGift Card ever expire?
No, the BELLAME eGift Card does not have an expiration date.

What are the BELLAME eGift Card denominations?
The eGift Card denominations are $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500.

Does the BELLAME eGift Card charge fees to use it?
No, there are no fees to use the eGift Card.

Where can I use the BELLAME eGift Cards?
The BELLAME eGift Cards can only be used at 

How will I receive BELLAME eGift Card?
After you purchase the eGift Card, you will receive BELLAME eGift Card via email.

How long will it take to receive BELLAME eGift Card once purchased?
The BELLAME eGift Cards are delivered via email within minutes of completing the order for known customers with a good-standing history with BELLAME.  For all new customers not known to BELLAME, your eGift Card delivery may be delayed if issues are found with validating the credit card used for the order, validating the authenticity of the order, validating the identity of the person who ordered.  BELLAME will not deliver eGift Cards where there is additional verification of payment used or customer identity.  

Can I set a future delivery date for the BELLAME eGift Card?

Can BELLAME eGift Card be used at an ATM or Bank.

Is there an option to get a BELLAME eGift Card delivered in the mail?
No, all eGift Cards are delivered by email.

Can I add money to my BELLAME eGift Card Balance?
No, there is not a way to add fund to the BELLAME eGift Cards. 

How do I view my BELLAME eGift Card Balance?
Login to your account.

Can I have the email for the BELLAME eGift Card re-sent?
Yes, login to your account at

Why was my purchase made with my BELLAME eGift Card declined?
If the purchase is greater than the funds available on the BELLAME eGift Card, the credit card being used may be getting declined.  To prevent fraud, credit card issuers will decline transactions for many reasons, including but not limited to; insufficient funds, address information provided on the order form does not match what they have on file.

Can I change the value of my BELLAME eGift Card after I order?
No, once the eGift Card order is complete, the value of the card cannot be changed.

What forms of payment are accepted? currently accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards.

Please also review BELLAME’S eGift Card Terms and Conditions




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